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Terms of Use

The term “user” will identify any person, a guest, parent, or child accessing the website going forward. Red Fence Quilting LLC websites are not geared toward the child under 13 see our Children’s Policy.  The terms Red Fence Quilting LLC, Red Fence Quilting,, WatchLaura Sew, Simpson and Mills Bag Company, Simpsonandmillsbagco,,, “we”, “us”, “my”, “I”, “our”, “me” may be used throughout Red Fence Quilting LLC websites.

This agreement sets forth the terms and conditions that apply to you the user. By accessing this website,, WatchLaura Sew, and/or, you agree to the following terms of use, privacy policy, children’s policy, disclosures, disclaimers, and copyright policy. If you do not agree, then you should not use the website. Red Fence Quilting LLC has the right to add, discontinue or change any content, including website design, website functionality, or access for all,, WatchLaura Sew, and website, mobile, communications, and social media at Red Fence Quilting LLC sole discretion and without notice. Red Fence Quilting LLC has the right to change any of the policies on this website.

Red Fence Quilting LLC is not liable for,, WatchLaura Sew, or availability. Red Fence Quilting LLC will at times have our websites unavailable due to maintenance, upgrades, system interruptions, power outages, and security issues or concerns.  This list is not limited to the above reasons.  This may include restricting access to all or part of our website including users.

User will use the,, WatchLaura Sew, and for lawful purposes. There will be no unlawful or inappropriate activities such as threatening, or profane etc. that would constitute a criminal offense or give rise to civil liability.

Red Fence Quilting LLC will have user accounts on both,, WatchLaura Sew, and  As part of the user account, a username and password are required.  Red Fence Quilting LLC is not responsible for the user maintenance of the customer’s user name and password outside of our websites.  It is Red Fence Quilting LLC expectation that the user treats the user name and password with confidentiality, therefore not disclose it.  The user name and password will be used to access the WooCommerce area of our websites for ecommerce activity only.  We reserve the right to terminate a user’s name and password.

Product Pricing

Red Fence Quilting LLC will display the price for each item while it is available for sale.  The prices are listed in US Dollars. Red Fence Quilting LLC reserves the right to change the price of a product at any time when deemed appropriate for our business.  All prices are listed as the price of the product.  If a sale is listed, it will have the original price as well as the sale price.  All prices of products are listed pre-tax and pre-shipping costs.  WV customers will pay the sales tax as deemed by the State of West Virginia and any municipality taxes per WV Secretary of State and the WV State Tax Department.  The current WV State tax is 6% and as of May 6, 2024, Red Fence Quilting LLC operations are located outside of a municipality tax.

Red Fence Quilting LLC will make shipping costs available in the cart during checkout and will follow Red Fence Quilting LLC Shipping Policy available here.

Reviews, Comments, and Testimonials:

Red Fence Quilting LLC reserves the right to monitor, delete, modify, add any user reviews or testimonials according to its policies. We will not post user reviews, comments, and/or testimonials that are offensive or unacceptable to children and adults. We retain the right to delete and not post any comment regardless of content.

Once a review, comment, or testimonial is entered into the Red Fence Quilting LLC websites, we reserve the right to use the review and/or testimonial including publishing, disclosing, and distributing to outside parties on the website, social media, and communication.

Emails and Communication:

Red Fence Quilting LLC will not disclose the contents of email communication or messaging communication between Red Fence Quilting LLC and the user unless required to by law.  Private emails, messages, and communication are considered private.

Social Media, Messaging, and Phones Calls

Red Fence Quilting LLC will use social media under the various 3rd party Terms and Conditions.  We reserve the right to monitor and remove inappropriate and offensive language, images, and video. Red Fence Quilting LLC will not give prior notice nor communicate with the user prior, during, or after the removal.

If chat or messaging are being recorded, then Red Fence Quilting LLC will disclose that the communication is being recorded or monitored.

Red Fence Quilting LLC will incorporate comments on websites when appropriate.  We will not post user comments that are offensive or unacceptable to children and adults. We retain the right to delete and not post any comment regardless of content.  We will retain this right as the moderator and owner of the websites.  We respect the children that may view the website with parental oversight.

Red Fence Quilting LLC is not responsible for the user’s knowledge, use, or lack of use of our websites.  Red Fence Quilting is not liable for the user’s equipment, access, knowledge, training, or understanding of our websites. The user is responsible for any downloads to their computer, electronic device.  Patterns and Lessons that may be available whether paid or free are available on HTML and can be printed from the HTML file on If the user downloads to their electronic device, they do so at their own risk. Red Fence Quilting LLC assumes that users have the appropriate security and protection software on their electronic devices.

Credit Card Information

Red Fence Quilting does not store credit card information.  All credit card and debit card information is collected at the time of payment using Paypal.  Red Fence Quilting LLC will have customer information needed to ship the product and provide basic communication such as email, shipping address, billing address, name, etc, per WooCommerce.  Red Fence Quilting LLC will have information regarding the amount paid and will ensure that full payment is received prior to shipping the product.  Please see Shipping policy.

All information on Red Fence Quilting LLC websites,,, WatchLauraSew, and will be posted and communication conducted in the English language.

These policies set forth are effective as of March 2015. Update dates to the policies will be documented here.

Updated April 13, 2017

Updated May 1, 2017

Updated June 20, 2020

Updated May 6, 2024