Dresden Quilt circles or flowers with 20 pieces

It was a simple box. You know, one of those boxes that dates back many years. It had the words ‘Hess’s’ written all over it. Hess’s was a store that closed many years ago in my home town. The box was worn with a slight tear on one side.


My mom held out the box and asked if I wanted it. Inside the box were 11 Dresden flowers from my grandmother, who had passed away many years before. Although at the time, I did not know what a Dresden flower was. The flowers were carefully hand stitched. My eyes widen and I promptly replied that I would love the box. I promised my mom that I would have the flowers quilted.


Notice that I offered to have the flowers quilted. I certainly didn’t know anything about quilting, except that it was hard and tedious. But, I had friends who quilted.


I left my mom’s house and went home. First, I asked a lady that I knew had a quilting business, if she would finish my grandmother’s quilt. She said, that she didn’t hand quilt only machine quilting. I will never forget what happened next. She kindly smiled at me and told me that I could hand quilt it.


Her response was not the answer that I was seeking.


So, undeterred, I approached a friend at church. She smiled with that same smile and told me that I could do it. She would be happy to show me what to do. Begrudgingly, I accepted that the task was mine. Not knowing what to do next and wondering if I bit off a bit too much, I stalled.


A couple Sundays later, I noticed that our church was starting a quilting class. It sounded interesting, but I am a swim mom, which means that I spend almost every night waiting for my daughter at swim practice. My only free night was Thursday night. I thought the class was on Monday nights, so that ruled out any chance of attending the class.


Finally, I got up enough gumption to email my friend for help with my grandmother’s quilt.


She sent me a message about the quilting class at church on Thursday nights and thought that it would be good for me. It didn’t take me very long to figure out that maybe, just maybe, I was supposed to go to this quilting class.


After speaking with the class teacher on the phone, I scrambled to get the necessary supplies in time for the first class. We needed a jelly roll and a sewing machine. I had a sewing machine. But, what in the world was a jelly roll? I soon found plenty of information on the web. I gathered my supplies and my nerves and went to the first class. Walking into the class was one of the best decisions, which I have made.



I loved it. Love it! Join me at the Red Fence to see how I fit quilting into my busy schedule, quilting projects, bloopers, and many challenges.


Have a wonderful day!


Laura at Red Fence Quilting

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