When I owned PillowsFromTheHeart.com, I always wanted to make a quilted pillow, but they seemed to be too hard and tedious. Last year, I made my first quilt for my daughter. She was getting a new bed from my parents and we did not have any bedding for her. At the time, I was attending a quilting class. Logically, I decided instead making a throw size, I would opt for a full bed size for my first quilt.

This quilt started with a tropical fabric that I bought for my daughter to make a skirt. She never made the skirt and when I needed fabric for a quilt, well…it became the inspiration for the rest of the quilt. I went Walmart, and purchased matching solids and proceeded to cut the 2½ -inch strips.

For this quilt, you sew 4 strips together and then cut squares from the 4 strips, rotate one, and sew them together. Then you cut diagonally across the square and you would have a new square.


The quilt design is located at Amazing Jelly Roll Quilt Pattern by 3 Dudes demonstrated on YouTube by Missouri Star Jenny Doan.

I choose to place a couple borders around the main portion of the quilt, in order to make it more of a full size quilt. I was actually going to add another border, but the last one was starting to get wavy, so I stopped with what I had. A wonderful lady long arm quilted the quilt with flowers interlocking through the top.photo 3


I added binding…but, here is the blooper.photo 2

When I read that you are supposed to fold over the binding material, I thought it was just to make a fold; a really, nice pressed fold. I didn’t realize that I was supposed to fold it again. In ignorance, I proceeded to sew the binding and hand sew the back. I was pretty happy with this, until I got to class and found out that I was wrong.


However, my daughter liked that way, so her quilt has an extra wide binding. I actually like the look, but I understand that it may not last as long.

Happy Quilting!


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