As many artists, I am constantly trying to improve my skills.  One may wonder if I improve my skills while creating customer quilts.  The simple answer is yes and no.  I always improve with each and every quilt that I design, sew, and quilt.  Without a doubt, I apply my lessons learned from one quilt to the next and yes, they do include quilts destined for others.

However, I add another step to my always improving my skill.  I make practice quilts and blocks to ensure that my skill, my designs, and my color choices work well together.  On practice quilts, I have to freedom to try new techniques, develop a new idea, or fail miserably at a design concept.  All of these lessons are important to becoming the best quilter that I can be.

I have included one such quilt aptly named, The Practice Quilt.  The description of the Practice Quilt can be found on my other website at

The sole purpose of the Practice Quilt was to try three different feather techniques for an upcoming quilt.  In the end, I opted for a new technique adding to my skill base.  It later was used in the Surprise Quilt.

Learning and growing are important for every quilter.  I will never know everything there is to learn about quilting, but I am sure going to try and learn!  I love applying my new skills to expand the possibilities of the next quilt.


Have a wonderful day!


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