Fabrics include Harmony Art Organic fabrics and Warm and Plush Cotton Batting

Thirty beautiful flowered sateen blocks surrounded by Twilight blue sateen border grace this picnic quilt in a 5×6 pattern.  The blocks are sashed with Whispering Grass Black and White colorway organic fabric.  Backed with delightful tiny flowers on a navy background which gives an appearance of movement and flow.

All fabric and thread were organic.  The thread used to sew and quilt this picnic quilt is organic thread made in Holland.

Organic Fabrics:


  • Harmony Art Stornetta Blue Sateen
  • Harmony Art 300 count Twilight blue sateen
  • Harmony Art Whispering Grass Black and White colorway

Backing –

  • Navy Petite Fleur by Carolyn Gavin for Windham fabrics.

The Batting:

The quilt is batted with The Warm Company Warm and Plush batting.  This batting was chosen for the natural cotton and the lack of scrim and binding glues.  In addition, this batting reminds me of the old timey cotton that you find in antique quilts.  Although not organic, this batting provides a wonderful feel and warmth.  If organic batting is important to you, please know that this is not organic batting but natural.

The Design and Care:

The quilt was designed and created for you in a home with a Labrador retriever.  I have washed the quilt with eCover detergent and dried it in a dryer.  It has been through one wash; therefore, it will look washed when you receive it.

The quilting design is my original design for this particular quilt.  I chose a tripled stemmed paisley along for the center blocks with a wave design surrounding the paisley.  Each block is unique in design and quilting.  No two blocks are exactly the same.  I use a technique called Free Hand Free Motion Quilting, which allows me to vary my design.

The binding to the quilt is hand sewn on the back of the quilt.  It is the last touch to the quilt.  It is a time consuming task that adds a personal dimension to the quilt.


Why Red Fence Quilting?

Red Fence Quilting is my small quilt business, a West Virginia home based company nestled in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley. I specialize in homemade quilted products featuring:

Free Hand Free Motion Quilting – This means each quilted item is unique.

Legacy Quilting– I come from a long line of West Virginia quilters, who quilted to have something warm to sleep under. Today, I produce quilted items for all different applications. But, the desire to produce a beautiful product to enrich your life remains.

Hand Binding – Although machine binding is faster, I believe in putting my hand sewing into each product. My final step in creating your new quilted product is to hand sew the binding onto the back of the product. I do machine stitch the binding on the front to increase the durability.

What to expect:

The quilt will be folded when you receive it.  It is okay to iron with a cool iron setting the quilt or wash it to remove the creases in the fabric.  Please note: Extreme heat will damage the quilt.

If you are expecting perfection from a factory, please do not buy this quilt.  Do not look any further, for it is not for you.  If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind quilt with hours of design and work with quality products, then please feel free to add this treasure to your home!

These quilts are available for pickup in WV, 1-3 business days after receipt of payment through Paypal. Buyer will pay WV Sales tax (6%).


There are no returns.  If you pick up in WV, then you may inspect the quilt prior to buying it.  However, once the quilt goes with you, I can not accept the quilt back on a return.

You may cancel your order within 24 hours from the time of the order.

Have a wonderful day!

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