This fleece quilt was for a very special person in my life.  She loves horses.  So when I saw this fabric, I knew I had to make this for her.  This came in a kit with the front horse picture and a brown fleece backing.  The name of the kit is Wild Wings 2-Piece Horses Fleece Fabric Kit (41113-A62C013 Noble Stature.  It is part of the Wild Wings Collection.  

While I liked the fabrics, I did not want to tie this blanket.  I wanted to quilt it.  The horses were beautiful and I wanted to highlight the form and movement of the horses with free hand free motion quilting.  So, I made a quilt from it.  I added a layer of Warm and Plush batting in-between the fleece making it a super warm and comfortable quilt.  Then, I started to quilt.  It was so much fun.  I thank the manufacturer for making a fun design on their fabric.

It is not a conventional quilt.  It is fleece on the top and bottom, but it worked beautifully.  Enjoy!

Have a wonderful day!


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