You may view the Nannyberry Patchwork Quilt Pattern below on a computer. For some reason, the tablets and phones do not show a viewable pattern onscreen. However if you click on the link above named Nannyberry PDF, you may view and print the pattern in HTML. This will be the updated pattern.

The document is copyrighted. You may share the link to my website with others, so that they may enjoy the pattern. I made it available, so that everyone may have it. You may sell quilts made from this pattern. They are your quilts! There is no need to ask me! Feel free to follow me at WatchLauraSew!

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Sewing Nannyberry Patchwork Quilt Pattern Block A
Sewing the Nannyberry Patchwork Quilt Block B
Sewing the Blocks together for the Nannyberry Patchwork Quilt Pattern