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Red Fence Quilting LLC is company located in the beautiful State of West Virginia.  My name is Laura and I am the owner of Red Fence Quilting LLC.  My Etsy shop is at Etsy.com at etsy.com/shop/redfencequiltingllc

About Me

A little bit about me.  I am a wife, mom, a business woman, a daughter, and a quilter. Even though, I started quilting a decade ago, it really was a natural progression for me, since I always loved to sew even at a young age.  As a teenager, I remember being a freshman in high school and entering a National Wool Contest, where you had to design(pick the fabric and pattern), sew, and model your wool outfit. Because of that experience, I wanted very badly to be a clothes designer, but ended up getting an engineering degree instead.

My Handmade Businesses

After years of working in the corporate world, I ventured into online sales in 1999 with a company named, Pillows From The Heart.  I sold my homemade pillows and pillow covers on my own website, PillowsFromTheHeart.com. Back then, opening a website was no small task.  We had to code the website from scratch! I loved making pillows for people and always wanted to make the quilt pillow, not a quillow.  But, a pillow with quilting on one side.  However, business was very active and I was so busy, that those plans were stuck back in a corner.  Fast forward…

PillowsFromTheHeart.com pillow
This is one of the pillows from Pillows From The Heart. It is one of the few that didn’t sell. I left the price tag on it, thinking it would be interesting in the future! I wish I could remember the designer of the fabric. It was absolutely beautiful fabric!

When we moved from Texas to Virginia in 2003 and finally to West Virginia, I had a choice: move the company or close the company. Since, we had many good changes happening to our family at the same time, I reluctantly closed the business.

Years Later

Upon leaving the sewing world for a few years, I attended my first quilting class, which allowed my love of sewing to be reborn. Quilting and Bag Making to me is the joy of combining the best of sewing with art.

Naturally after attending the quilting class, it didn’t take long before my desire to open a business resurfaced. Here I am making Handmade fine quilted linens and beautiful bags!  Feel free to look around the RedFenceQuilting.com and my etsy shop at Etsy.com/shop/redfencequiltingllc

In the last couple years, many changes have occurred in Red Fence Quilting LLC with the addition of YouTube Channel, WatchLauraSew.  This is a fun place to subscribe to actually see the products for my Etsy shop and Personal products being created!  I talk about how I make everything and what goes into the creation process.  Throughout my videos, I give my tips and some tutorials on quilting, sewing, and some business ideas. Come join me and feel free to subscribe to WatchLauraSew!!

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