1.  Why did you name Red Fence Quilting, Red Fence Quilting?

I was struggling with a name for my new company, when I was sitting on my deck one morning.  I had just taken a picture of a quilt on the fence, because I liked the earthy background of the fence in contrast to the quilt.  As I was sitting there, I kept thinking Red Fence, but I thought it may be too simple.  The longer I thought about it, the more I liked it.  So, when I filed for my company, Red Fence Quilting was born.  Red Fence Quilting is now a LLC, so my company name changed to Red Fence Quilting LLC.

2.  Why don’t you ship Quilts to all states in the United States?

Currently, I am not making quilts to sell.

I am a licensed Bedding Manufacturer in WV.

3.  Why should you care whether Red Fence Quilting LLC has a Bedding License?

I have a Bedding License, because I care about you, the customer.  As a Bedding Manufacturer, the state of WV has standards that I must maintain to keep my license.  In addition, many states have even more regulations. These regulations are not designed to make a quilter’s job harder, but to protect you, the consumer.

4. What is your Return Policy?

Currently I sell products on Etsy at RedFenceQuiltingLLC.  My return policies and shop policies are posted in the Etsy shop. All contact for Etsy products need to be communicated through Etsy shop RedFenceQuiltingLLC, not this website.

5.  How do I care for my new product?

There are care instructions included in the packaging on a hang tag attached to the product inside the sealed plastic bag. On a few products the hang tag would ruin the product if attached by tagging.  In these cases, the tags are place in a pocket of the product such as the all cork wallet.  If you ever have any questions regarding the care and washing of your product, please feel to ask.  Red Fence Quilting LLC is not responsible for care of a product once it leaves my facility.

6.  Are there other manufacturing regulations that you worry about?

I follow the FTC Regulations and CPSIA regulations (if applicable for general quilt and bag making).

7. Why don’t you sell baby quilts and children’s quilts?

There are so many regulations regarding quilts and products for children under the age of 12.

8.  Is this a complete list of questions for Red Fence Quilting?

Nope!  I will continue to add to this list in an effort to answer your questions!