Introduction: What is a Quilt?


What Goes Into a Quilt? Throw a stack of material together with a few seams, put it on a machine, and there you go, a nice new quilt. How much effort is that?  Okay, shamefully, that is what I thought when I was younger.  I really did not appreciate the true value of the quilt until later in life, with one exception, my grandmother’s quilt.  Somewhere in my young mind, I did understand that … Read More

Part 2 Quilting Design


Stages of Quilt Making Part 2 Quilting Design In the last post, Stages of Quilt Making Part 1 The Quilt Sandwich Design, I discussed how the quilt top was created at Red Fence Quilting LLC.  The quilt top is only one step in this multi-step process.  Once the quilt top is finished, it is ready for the actual quilting of the top layer (quilt top), batting, and backing layer.  First, I need to create … Read More

Part 1 Quilt Sandwich Design


Stages of Quilt Making – In the first part of the series, we explored an Introduction to Quilts, thus discovering that a quilt consists of a top layer of fabric, batting, and a backing layer of fabric.  In addition, a quilt is connected or sewn by a pattern of thread in a process of quilting.  We will continue to learn about the Stages of Quilt Making by discussing The Quilt Sandwich Design including the … Read More

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