Introduction: What is a Quilt?

What Goes Into a Quilt? Throw a stack of material together with a few seams, put it on a machine, and there you go, a nice new quilt. How much effort is that?  Okay, shamefully, that is what I thought when I was younger.  I really did not appreciate the true value of the quilt until later in life, with one exception, my grandmother’s quilt.  Somewhere in my young mind, I did understand that … Read More

Part 2 Quilting Design

Stages of Quilt Making Part 2 Quilting Design In the last post, Stages of Quilt Making Part 1 The Quilt Sandwich Design, I discussed how the quilt top was created at Red Fence Quilting LLC.  The quilt top is only one step in this multi-step process.  Once the quilt top is finished, it is ready for the actual quilting of the top layer (quilt top), batting, and backing layer.  First, I need to create … Read More

Mama’s Quilts

My grandmother, Mama (pronounced MawMaw), was an amazing lady.  She lived in southern West Virginia and Virginia most of her life.  No, she did not invent the telephone, the telescope, or the sewing machine.  However on any given day, you would see people in the community stopping by her porch.  I remember snapping beans on my grandparent’s porch with folks stopping by to chat or give the news of the day.  She loved her family, which … Read More

Creating Quilts with Love

Recently, I read a post that a quilt customer complained about all the imperfections on the quilt they received.  The quilter was an experienced quilter.  Apparently, the customer made a long list of each stitch that was not perfect.  The post made me sad.  She wanted a box store quilt made with a large industrial machine in another country, not a homemade quilt. Homemade quilts are a work of art, not production. They will not be … Read More

The Simple Dresden Box

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It was a simple box. You know, one of those boxes that dates back many years. It had the words ‘Hess’s’ written all over it. Hess’s was a store that closed many years ago in my home town. The box was worn with a slight tear on one side. My mom held out the box and asked if I wanted it. Inside the box were 11 Dresden flowers from my grandmother, who had passed … Read More

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